Letters to Dad...

A few excerpts from dads letters :

July 15, 2008

"...oh another funny thing that happened yesterday. i met a guy that listens to
Benny Hin the televangelist, remember him. yeah we were walking to our car
to go tract and this guy calls us over. we go over and he starts asking
us questions. first he told us that he went to a mormon sacrament meeting but
he didnt like it because we dont jump up and down and yell at the top of our
lungs. we tried to explain that the spirit is reverence but he said we need to
be excited and yell. he then asked if we ever watched benny hin and i was like
yeah i have heard him before and he was like yeah that guy has the spirit. he
said that Benny Hin touched him on the forehead and he blacked out for a
second i wish you were there. anyway we talked to him for like 30 mins and he was
really nice. we asked him to read and pray about the book of mormon but he said
that the spirit told him that he shouldnt and that he would pray for us to know
the truth. we bore our testimonies then left. you meet some interesting people
out here in VA. But its amazing everytime i talk to someone and they try to
tell me that we are wrong for some crazy reason (they never have a good reason,
its almost always polygamy) it makes my testimony grow even more because i know
that this is the only true church and that we have a fulness of the gospel.
Anyway im doing good, just starting to get the gist of things and there is
still a ton that i have to learn but im doing good..."

July 22, 2008

" ... yesterday i was actually talkin about the yankees with one of the members (bro bush). he is a yankee fan so we get along great haha...
...It is really hot here. the temperature yesterday was
like 95 degrees and very humid so yeah its pretty hot. i tracted for like 5
hours yesterday and i was sweating but we got one new investigator out of it so
i guess it was worth it. i have taught like 4 lessons to investigators since i
have been here and quite a few lessons to less actives and members. i love
visiting the members homes because everyone likes the missionaries haha. the
members are fun; some are lazy and dont want to help us out sometimes but there
some that are just awesome. the work started out pretty rough out here. when
i got here we had like only 1 investigator and we weren't getting any
referrals from members, but we had a really good week last week so hopefully we
get some people baptized. we now have like 5 or 6 investigators that we are
teaching. its amazing how the lords works. He tries your patience and then if
you endure it well he rewards you. lets see what else we eat at a members home
like 3-4 times a week i would say and the food is usually really good. we are
in car but last week i went on exchanges with an elder in a bike area so i got
to bike for that whole day (i like having a car way better). there are like 71
areas with car and only like 8 areas with bike so hopefully ill be in a car for
most of my mission..."

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Parkinson Family said...

little punk gets car!! go figure, ha ha, sounds like hes lovin it and working hard, good for him