June 17, 2009

(letter to Maria)

Hey Mom!
How are you doing? Have you been on call 24/7? I hope not. Well everything is going good here, you probably heard about transfers already so I'm pretty excited that I'm staying in Gayton I've grown attached to many of the people here. I guess that's the key to missionary work, loving the people. My new companion is elder Meacham whom I know nothing about except that he's been out 6 months. I've heard he likes basketball and that he's a pretty cool guy.
Anyways thanks for your continued letters and support. I always get excited to see a letter from you in the mailbox. In your last letter you said kevin has drove on the highway twice! that's awesome. I can't believe kevin is doing so good. He'll be driving by himself when i get back and he'll probably have a car and i will not haha. Where is my car by the way? Is Dad driving it? Tell Kevin thanks for writing me, I love getting stuff from him too.
Well let me tell you how the area is going. Two investigators came to church on Sunday, one was Samuel (sudanese guy) and the other was Chris (the 9 year old that is set for baptism.) Chris is really starting to like church which is awesome because if he wants to come to church then his LA parents will come to church. And that's exactly what we want before Chris gets baptized, for his family to be active.
On Sunday we also taught Pam in the Ashton's home (members, Pam's best friend). We have grown an extremely good relationship with Pam she's pretty much like another mom haha. We have been having really good discussions with her, spirit felt and everything but she just feels so strongly that the Catholic church is true. So at the Ashtons we felt like we should teach about Joseph Smith and we did and it was powerful. Pam explained that she really wants to know the truth, that she would have no problem changing if she found out our church was true. I see why it's so hard for her though, she feels like she knows the Catholic church is true so if she were to turn away from that that would be like turning away from God. Yesterday she told us/me some very interesting things. She said if she ever does get baptized, which she said she doesn't think she ever will, then she would want me to do it. She said that I have made her think and investigate the church more sincerely than anyone else, she said a lot of other things that she wrote in a book that she gave to me. I'll have to let you read it when i get back. So i know i have at least 4 more weeks to wrok on her. She's also told me that i need to consider being a lawyer and then she explained to me all the things i need to do. So who knows, maybe i'll become a lawyer. Ya know what would be awesome is to be a lawyer for the church, now thats something i think i would love to do.

(i'm going to laser tag, i'll be back in a bit)
okay, i'm back, Laser tag was awesome, the only problem is now i only have like 15 mins. of p-day left. we had about 8 elders and 2 other people there. The last game, the worker did something really cool he turned out the lights and filled the room with fog, so it was intense.
okay i'm running out of things to say. The work is going good, i'm excited for the new trnasfer, I wish Elder Burningham was sticking around but thats the way it goes, i guess i'll see him after the mission.
Tell Kevin i can't wait to see him again, he's definitly one of my best friends and i'm looking forward to seeing movies with him when i get back. Man, mom the year mark is weird it feels like I have no time left, I guess it's given me a renewed sense of urgency, I need to work even harder than i've been working because it's going to be done before i know it.
Anyway, one more thing about transfers, I'm still the district leader but i think i'm only going to have one other companionship in my district instead of 3. it'll be nice, less numbers to worry about and less calls to make.
Okay i love you mom and kevin youa re both great and i can feel your prayers on my behalf. I know you have given me strength. Thanks again.
Love, Elder Pierce


Parkinson Family said...

cute letter thanks for sharing!

Linda LaPierre said...

What a great missionary and nephew he is! Guess what, Kyle? I love you! Aunt Linda xoxox