8 July 2009

I just got back from fotball and shopping and now its 5:30 and P-day is almost over. I swear, on P-days the hours go like twice as fast than on regular days.

Football was fun. It was 4 on 4 and we played a bunch of games up to 5 TDs then we would switch teams. I won every game it was sweet. I was kinda mad that it was only 4 on 4 there should have been more people but the zone right next to us said they couldn't come at the last second, but it's all good it was fun. The only problem is I used up all my p-day miles to get to the park that we played at so now i'm going to have to get members to take us shopping and stuff. We can only use 40 miles a month for p-day it stinks.

Anyways, lets see what else is going on...My companion kinda gets on my nerves. He's really uptight about a lot of things and i'm really laid back about things. and he's always so negative after lessons. We'll go into a lesson and then i'll think we did good but then he always says "man, that was such a bad lesson there was no spirit there." I don't know something like that. He's not all bad, he does have some good qualities. He is very obedient and he has a very strong testimony so thats good. I guess i would rather have an uptight serious companion than a lazy companion that doesn't want to do anything.

Ya know whats weird transfers are next week again. On tuesday we find out where we're going if we're going anywhere ata ll. I think I'll probably stay in Gayton unless the President makes me a zone leader or trainer or something. I think it would be sweet to be a trainter. I hope i get the chance one of these days. Zone leader I don't think i would like to be because it takes up so much time. It will be interesting to see what leadership changes will occur this transfer because i think like 14-16 elders are going home and we're getting I think 19 greenies and out of the 14-16 that are going home i think like 11 or 12 are in leadersip positions so we'll see.
my time is running out, well it is out. I'll write more next week.
love, kyle (elder pierce)


Parkinson Family said...

thanks for sharing carly!

Linda LaPierre said...

Yes, I agree. Thanks for sharing.

Pam Pilch said...

Hello! I was wondering if this blog would be updated. My family came to know (and love) Elder Pierce in his former area, Gayton, and now that he is gone, we would love so much to have news of him and his mission. He is missed very much. Thank you to his family and friends for giving him up to send to us and bless us!