Email, 25 November 2009

"That letter that you sent was great. i loved the stuff you looked up about nutrition at BYU. i definitely want to finish at byu and like you said i think it will be really fun if whitney and jordan are there and my sister and her family. and also alot of my cousins will be there. like anthony and his new wife and... wait the people i was thinking about will be on missions or done with college, but it will still be fun with both our sisters near by. i think that nutritional science sounds the most like what i want to do. when my mission comes closer to its end ill probably ask you to look up more stuff. in the letter i got in the package from you and my mom, i loved the cereal that you guys bought me. and i thought it was funny how you guys included the nutrition facts haha that was sweet.
oh you asked if i like nice ties old ties funny ties, well the ones i like are polyester ties. they might be kinda hard to find. i only see them at thrift stores and stuff. polyesters are really good for the rain and they usually have some pretty cool designs. maybe at the DI they would have some. if you cant find any anything you get me i will love. i know you probably hate that answer. just get one that you think looks nice and that will be the one i want.
hey in your letter you also said that you saw missionaries on bikes... i wanted to know where you saw them at. in utah? i didnt know missionaries ride bike out there. or did you mean in japan?i thats okay that the diet isnt working that well just keep commiting to doing better and then it will eventually happen. i cant wait to eat healthy with you when i get back. is it going to be wierd for you that my whole eating habbits have changed? remember how i used to eat fast food every meal of the day man that was horrible. i remember you always saying that fast food is gross and now i would agree with you.
anyway about me, we had tonya's baptism on saturday. it was great. elder larson baptized her and i confirmed her. her daughters will be baptized probably in the next couple weeks so that will be good. we have been really blessed in this area. we have so many people to teach its awesome and we have found some pretty sweet investigators. we had one of those little miracles that you always hear about this past week. i gotta go but long story short we went to an appointment and the person wasnt there and we were about to leave but something told us to stay and knock afew doors. well the last door that we knock on happens to be this guy that has been wanting to get back to church and invited us back. i love it when those things happen. the lord is definitely in the work. the church is true we both know that and lets not forget it.well see ya
love kyle
ps Thanksgiving and turkey bowl is tomorrow!!! what are you doing for thanksgiving?"

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Parkinson Family said...

yes it will so fun cause we'll be near by!! so true, lol! and we'll totally have some babysitters again, haha! :)