Elder Pierce first letter

Elder Pierce wrote a three page letter!!!! at the end of the first day. He said that his first day was filled with orientations and each lasted two hours. He said he liked the steak and mashed potatoes (that's a good thing because he is a picky eater) and filet mignon is his favorite meal.

Then he said that his companion is Elder Green Kevin's comments were "what happen to elder Red" ha ha Elder Green is from bountiful Utah and he is going to the same mission. He is in a group of ten six of them going to Virginia and the other four to Hawaii. He said he is settling very well and that he already feels that he is going to love missionary work!! He also said that he knows that this is what the Lord wants him to do and not to worry because the Lord will protect him.

That was all for his first letter he is very busy and enjoying every minute of it. he said he will have more time to write next week on Thursday P-day.


Brittney said...

yay! i'm so happy! he is going to be such a good missionary!!! i can't wait to get my 1st letter!!!

Linda LaPierre said...

I'm with Britt....he's going to be a great missionary! And I hope I hear from him once in awhile, too! I'd like that!

Natalie said...

Hey Pierce family! It's Anthony and Natalie Perry...we're so excited we stumbled onto your blog. Hope all is well---it's great to see Kyle on his mission. We'll definitely keep in touch--