3rd letter (June 26, 2008)

excerpts from 3rd letter
I really can't wait to get to VA and teach what i know. I still like i have a lot to learn, but i'll definitly be ready when the time comes.
I FOUND OUT I CAN CALL HOME FROM THE AIRPORT! sometime during the day.
I'm doing really well at the MTC. my whole distric got sick for a little bit, but we're all better now.
sunday we had a member of the seventy (Stephen B. Allen)speak to us about missionary work. my whole district was so pumped that we sang all the way back to our residence and when we got home we sang all seven verses of Poor Wayfarring Man of Grief.
the spirit was so stron on Tuesday because we were able to hear from Elder Hales, Holland, Perry, and Christopherson.

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