Aug 27 letter

' Francis (an investigator) actually dropped us yesterday. we had an appointment to teach her and she called us and said that after talking with her friends she doesn't want to take the lessons anymore. yeah, it stunk. what amazes me though is that people always go to their friends or pastor but they never think about going to the Lord and asking. it bugs me. Dang Friends! So yeah, she was one of our top investigators, but we actually were able to obtain two new investigators yesterda. We tracted for 7 hours yesterday...yeah it was too fun. That's what you do when your teaching pool is low, tract. We tracted 6 hours the day before too. but back to yesterday, it's actually pretty cool what happened. we were six hours into tracting and we were about to go for dinner, we were having no success by the way. well on our walk back to the car we decided to take like three more houses. so we went to the first house and she answered but said she was on the phone that she doesn't talk at the moment, so we said we would come back. we went to the next two houses and nothing happened. so we started to head back and we thought that the lady wouldn't be too interested but we decided to go back to the house. she answered and she was really nice and was actually interested. she said she likes learning about other religions and she said she didn't really think the Baptist church is the correct church (she is a Baptist). so we kinda shared a message about our church and gave her a card. she told us she would like us to come back after she checked out the website (mormon.org) and written down a few questions. she said to give her two weeks. so i thought it was prety cool that the Lord blessed us with someone after having no success that passed like four days. and later on that day we went to contact this referral that this guy (mormon guy sells security systems) gave us a while ago. we stopped by, knocked on her door and she answered. we were just planning on setting up a better time to come back but before we could say anything she said that she would get another chair so we could sit down. it was funny when she went back in E. Martinos looked at me and said "oh yeah, we're doing this" meaning we we're gonna teach her the first lesson. which we did. and we got a return appointment for thursday. so right now she's our top investigator, her name is Wendy. I hope all that stuff made sense. but yeah, missionary work is a roller coaster, you lose an investigator then you gain some more then something else bad happens, then something good, it's crazy. Oh and then later that night E. Martinos called up this other referral we had and he answered and we set up a time to meet with him. so a really bad day turned out to be a really good one.
oh, ya know what else is crazy about missionary work? how some people just open up and tell you stuff. it has happend a bunch of times. i don't know why. i guess because we're missionaries and we really don't have many people to tell((and now i'm posting this guys story on a blog)). but yeah, the most recent one was at this guys house. he's a less-active member and is like 22 years old. well we were talking with him and we started talking about missions. well he said he really wishes he went on a mission and how he was getting prepared to go and stuff but he made some bad choices and he stayed. he said he still wants to go on a mission but he didn't know if he still could. i'm guessing he still has some worthiness issues. so we're gonna try to work with him and see if we can help him get on a mission. crazy huh? well that's basically the highlights of my week.
oh, and a couple days ago we ran into this guy tracting, and he wanted to bash with us. this guy actaully bashed with E. Martinos before (E. M. talked with this guy when he was walking outside somewhere a while ago). but yeah, we knock, he answers and is like Oh you again..talking about E.M. (E.M. didn't know this guy lived here). so he says he looked and studyed the mormon religion and he said we were wrong blah, blah, blah, and so we tried to explain to him some stuff. well, this guy told us that we were wrong because we believe that God has a body of flesh and bone. so E.M. bashed with him and they started going at it. it was fun to watch haha. Afterwards E.M. was really ticked off because the guy was sort of a jerk. but yeah, i thought it was funny. people always say that we're wrong and stuff but they just have no idea. i'm trying to love the people but sometimes they are just so dumb. anyway the church is true.

((maria needed kyle's favorite scripture for his home ward so this is what he wrote))
It is such a hard decision there are a ton that i like. I think i told you this already but i love 2 nephi 29 especially vs. 3 and 6. i like 2 nephi 25:26 yeah that one is way good. i don't know, right now i just don't know there are too many. if i had to pick one i think it would either be like 3 nephi 11:3 or vs. 11.

anyways, that's about all elder pierce wrote. i'm sorry i have taken a while to write on this blog.
he hasn't sent any pics lately but i think he will send some on monday. i'm excited for that. and i'll try to put them on here.


Linda LaPierre said...

My sweet nephew, Kyle! Keep up the good work. The Lord will bless you! Guess what Kyle???? I love you!!! Aunt Linda

Natalie said...

Kyle-every once in awhile I jump on your blog...it's great to read what your doin'. It makes me laugh and remember the good old times! Keep up the tracting!


Shawna B. said...

Sending lots of love and good wishes to Elder Pierce! Keep working hard and enjoying this special time. It's a roller coaster ride, that's for sure! :)

Ah, Virginia! You really are in "God's Country." We LOVED living there, and really hope you will have the chance to serve in Charlottesville.

Take good care!
Tyler and Shawna Borg Family

Parkinson Family said...

Thanks for the updates, i totally thought i had commented but i guess not, anyways, when kyle actually writes me more than 3 sentences, ill update too, ha ha, j/k, i need to make a post about some of the things hes written, thanks again!