Email from Kyle

So I thought i would update with an email I got from Kyle. I write him every week and usually just tell him about the fam, and he writes me when he has time, so here is one of his latest emails

hey i actually have like 8 mins to write to you this week. well my new area is pretty cool. it has a naval base so there are a ton of navy guys here obviously. it is pretty ghetto in some parts which makes missionary work even more fun haha. my new comp is really cool his name is elder zimmerman from utah (salt lake area i think) mostly and he lived in california for a little bit. he has been out for like 15 months and im learning a lot from him. we have alot of potential in this area and we have a bunch of investigators. the only problem with being in the ghetto is we get something we call ghetto fluff which means that alot of people will be like yeah sure you can come over i would love to hear about christ but then we get to there house and theyre not there. um lets see what else the weather has been pretty bad. its rained for like 4 of the 7 days that i have been here. im on bike by the way you probably know that already. im going to get moms package today actually so yeah ill get it its at the post office but okay i gotta go see ya
love elder pierce

sad about the "ghetto fluff" huh? :) .....i guess thats the missionary life :)

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