October 1

I don't have a lot of time today and i may not have much time on any p-day this transfer but i'm going to try to make my letter as good as possible. The reason i don't have a lot of time is A) our appartment was a mess when we got here so we picked it up today and it took a little over an hour B) we have 4 elders in our appartment which means we are probably going to play risk a lot like we did today and C) we're on bike so it takes a little while to bike to the library for emails and shop for food and stuff...
My area is pretty ghetto, i don't know if i told you that already so yeah there is a lot of black people, but black people are really nice so it's okay.
we have a bunch of appointments this week coming up and we have already had a bunch so we have already been having success. and what's cool about this area is that we get a ton of referrals, meaning people calling and ordering something or like a member refers us to someone. Just to give you an idea of what i mean when "we get a ton", well in the last 3 days we have got, i think 17 referrals (i was going to write 12 but elder Hammer just walked in and said we got 5 more ). In Chesterfield i think i got like 3 referrals the entire time i was there. Oh by the way if we can contact all these referrals this week i think we will lead the mission . yeah, it's crazy how many referrals we're getting. All we are going to be doing for the next week is contacting referrals which is awesome.
Anyway, i got an appointment with a family of 6 tonight and they seem really interested in the gospel. You probably know this already but a family is a missionary's dream.
Let me tell you what happened yesterday. We went to see this guy named Edward Dennis, he's an investigator that thinks he knows the bible really well. Well we started talking to him and we kinda got in a bash. Well, i wouldn't say a bash more like an intense discussion. His concern was the book of mormon talks about people in the bible and it talks about the bible, but "the bible doesn't say anything about the BOM" so we whipped out Ezekiel 37 the one that talks about the two sticks (stick of Joseph and stick of Ephraim) we told him the people who wrote the bible were mainly of the house of Judah and the book of Mormon was written by prophets like lehi and his posterity which are descendents of joseph. So, we said when it says stick of Joseph they are talking about the BOM of course he denied it and tried to find an explanation. Long story short he said he would researech it and call us back. I doubt he will because he is pretty hard headed and he is one of those guys that thinks the bible is all we need.
-Elder Pierce

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Parkinson Family said...

cool! havent heard that story yet, thanks for posting!