Feb. 11, 2009 (8 months!)

ya know how i like to eat healthy, right? well I will always take wheat over white now and i was looking at the breads and I saw "new 9 grain honey oat." So i think to myself does that mean it's whole grain?I conclude that it means whole grain in my mind so I tell the guy "Honey oat." But then i wanted to make sure so i asked "is honey oat whole wheat?" and then the guy answered in a mean tone "you said honey oat." so i said "no, no, is honey oat whole wheat?" then he got a little more angry at me and he said "you want wheat or honey oat?" and i said "sir, you can say that a little more politely." Then it kinda escalated and we both got mad at each other. Later I found out that a lot of people have been asking him the same question and he just doesn't understand. And also the natural tone of his voice was a little bit on the mean side. So i ate the sandwich and i heard the guy i got in the argument with was still upset and talking to his co-worker about wheat and white bread. After i got done with the sandwich i decided to tell the man that i was sorry. yeah, i swallowed my pride and did it. It turned out pretty well we ended up giving him a pass-along card and we left on good terms. The power of humility..
Let me tell you another story. So we're at one of our investigator's house (Kai's house) and we're teaching him. well actually right before we start the lesson I saw this roach crawling near me (oh one more thing, the lesson was we showed him a movie so he was watching the movie when i saw the roach.) So I asked Kai "Hey Kai there's a roach right here do you have a napkin so i can get it for you?" and his reply was "no, no, I can spray, i can spray." but then he just kept sitting and watching the movie. I thought hmm let's try this again. "Don't worry about it kai, if you just give me a napkin i can get it." he said "no, no, I spray, i spray" and he kept sitting and watching the movie. so i just gave up. haha. Towards the middle of the movie a roach was crawling right behind the t.v. and kai just acted like nothing was wrong, It was sick.

new pictures below! \/

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Linda LaPierre said...

What great stories. Although the guy could have ended up giving you a black eye, ya know! :-) -- and those roaches...yuck! You're the best Kyle and, guess what Kyle? I love you! Aunt Linda xoxox