New area and New companion

Elder Pierce= District Leader

Kyle's new companion, Elder Karpowitz

Elder Pierce and Elder Leonard with some happy people :) sorry, i don't know who they are.


Parkinson Family said...

the couple is the blocks and the other guy is the man that used to be a minister, bro....uh ill remember it, that last picture, bro block isnt a member but his family is, they have a blog and wrote about kyle on it

Mom said...

Thanks Carly for sharing the pictures, the second picture is Brother Charlie Brown and Elder Leonard and the third are Brother and Sister Block like Lindsey said.

carly said...

ok cool! thanks guys. i thought that was brother brown but i wasn't sure, and i didn't know that was the blocks. that's cool to put a face with the names.

Linda LaPierre said...

Doesn't Kyle look so confident and handsome! Love him so much! Aunt Linda